sassydrunkcersei asked: "Hi! So I wanted to know a bit about your experience with Ithaca and what it's like. I'm really interested in it even though i'm about a year away from applying to colleges. I've been looking at all the stuff online but idk I wanted an insider's perspective. Especially from one in a film program."

awesome!  it’s really hard to get any idea of a college before you actually go there, and a college’s website is probably the least helpful thing in the world.

I’ve been enjoying my time here.  I came in with 0 friends and 0 ideas on how to make friends, so I just went to stuff that sounded like things that  I liked, like comedy shows and ICTV rush night.

I don’t do ICTV stuff much anymore, but working on a show is how I met all of my close friends now and how I learned a lot of what I know about filmmaking and writing.

The film program is really good and you start making stuff basically on your first day of cinema production.  It can be challenging at first if you don’t know anything about how movies are made (ie me) but you get the hang of it and you have complete creative control over whatever you are making.

one of my favorite things was doing the LA program through ithaca.  I ended up working for Comedy Central and I loved LA so much that I stayed through the summer also.

there’s kind of a lot so let me know if there’s anything specifically you want to know about!

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